PVC fence with bench at outdoor entertainment area.

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Drawing of pvc fence
PVC fence

Name   Fifth St. Lounge
Arlington, Va.
Date   2012

Situation: A client whom I had previously performed handyman work for asked me to submit a proposal to repair his broken fence.


Task: The client’s requirements were as follows: 1.) Build a maintenance free fence, 2.) Fence material and height needed to match existing adjacent fence, and 3.) Price had to be competitive with existing bid from a big box store contractor. During our conversation, the client mentioned that he often used the adjacent space for entertaining.


Action: In response, I designed and built a fence that not only fulfilled the client’s programmatic requirements, but also supported an environment conducive to entertaining.


The new fence stands at 6’-4” tall and is near 25’ in length and is made primarily of white cellular PVC lumber. The fence includes 8 shelves and an integrated seating bench holding up to 6 people.


The structure supporting the boards and bench is built of 2-5/8” steel fence posts and heavy-duty railing connectors. A distinct patterned affect was achieved by installing the PVC planks at a 22.5 degree angle which is derived from a typical scarf joint we use in other applications.


Result: The fence was completed in time for client to host an outdoor company work event and subsequent summer barbecues.


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