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Interior rendering

Name   CoWork Cafe
Arlington, Va.
Date   2012

Role   Design & Fabrication

Team   West Workshop & Rebecca Bostick
Images   Kurt West

Boccato Gelato & Espresso is an existing 300 sf retail storefront in Arlington, Virginia. The owner acquired an adjacent 2,500 sf space (formerly a Latin food market), desiring to transform the space into a daytime dining area and nighttime bar/lounge. Boccato teamed up with CoWork Cafe , a unique co-working startup that will occupy the space during the day, to provide the capital required for this renovation.


Our client, CoWork Cafe ,  tasked us with designing a space that takes into consideration the challenging programmatic needs of two distinct business models, namely:


1.) How to separate the retail customers (high volume, short-term users) from the co-working users (long-term users with laptops and a need for privacy) during daytime hours;


2.) How to effectively transform the space to easily accommodate diverse revenue streams (ex. Nighttime lounge, sporting event, business conference, art show).


Seating arrangement option 1

Assembly Seating

Seating arrangement option 2

Co-Working Space

Seating arrangement option 3

Nighttime Lounge

Seating arrangement option 4

Art Show

Moveable screen diagram

Each moveable screen consists of two panels connected at three hinge points. The diagram above shows the versatility of the screen both standalone and in conjunction with other screens. The various screen configurations will help facilitate owners’ programmatic needs (transforming space from CoWork Cafe  to dining to art venue to sports event) while simultaneously changing the atmosphere for patrons.

Walk-in refrigerator converted to a private conference room.
Telephone booths

The partition wall will be comprised of 21 individual prefabricated

panels. The top 13 panels (including the 3 panels over cashiers counter) will be permanently affixed to the ceiling/wall. The bottom 8 panels are grouped in pairs and easily moveable with the assistance of casters.


Each panel will primarily be built with reclaimed 1x wood planks. The horizontal members are angled at various degrees, ranging from 5-25, and informed by sight lines and privacy requirements.


Telephone booth options diagram

The main selling point of CoWork Cafe is that it is a hybrid office/coffee shop. Telecommuters can enjoy the functional benefits of a typical office (physical address, secure WiFi, conference space, printer, etc.) without the associated high rental costs. At the same time, patrons will enjoy a casual, low key atmosphere of a local coffee shop, without the lack of privacy, wall outlets, and unsecured networks inherent in working at Starbucks.

Four custom phone booths, including one ADA booth, will be built to help accommodate CoWork Cafe  members’ business needs. These phone booths will be wired to allow members to conduct teleconferences and private phone calls.


Each phone booth interior will consist of a storage bench, fold-down work station, and will be wrapped with acoustical foam and felt. The function and aesthetic of each phone booth exterior will be similar to the existing walk-in refrigerators