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5th St. Lounge

5th Street Lounge is a custom hybrid fence/bench installation in the Penrose neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia.

The owners’s requirements were as follows: 1.) Build a maintenance free fence, 2.) The fence material and height needed to match existing adjacent fence on the property, and 3.) The price had to be competitive with an existing bid the client received from a big box store contractor. During our initial conversations, the client indicated that he often used the adjacent outdoor space for entertaining.

In response, West Workshop designed and built a fence that not only fulfilled the client’s programmatic requirements, but also supported an environment conducive to entertaining.

The new fence stands at 6’-4” tall and is near 25’ in length and is made primarily of white cellular PVC lumber. The fence includes 8 shelves and an integrated seating bench holding up to 6 people.

The structure supporting the boards and bench is built of 2-5/8” steel fence posts and heavy-duty fence rail connectors. A distinct patterned affect was achieved by installing the PVC planks at a 22.5 degree angle which is derived from a typical scarf joint we used in other carpentry applications.

Name: 5th St. Lounge
Location: Arlington, Virginia
Status: Built, 2011
Team: Kurt West & Brent White
Images: Donner Photos & Kurt West

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Phone: 202-957-0933