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Guillaume Home Addition

A homeowner in Annandale, Virginia commissioned this project as an alternative to the usual design elements of Northern Virginia residential construction. We designed an addition to a split-level home with two extensions: an enlarged Living Room and a new master bedroom suite. The extensions surround an outdoor entertainment space. The angularity and lines of the addition were intended to disrupt the usual view with subtle differences, such as the 30” eaves which served the dual purpose of creating additional shade, which would allow the homeowner to keep the blinds open on the large windows and extended the roof so that water could run off without the need of gutters. In the interior, the roof angle created a vaulted ceiling with clerestroy windows oriented towards the north letting in a generous amount of indirect light. Our proposal called for traditional lap siding and standing seam metal roofing.

Name: Guillaume Home Addition
Location: Annandale, Virginia
Status: Unbuilt, 2018
Design Team: West Workshop
Images: Kurt West



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