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Local Time Brewery

Local Time Brewery, situated in the burgeoning suburb of Holly Springs, North Carolina, offers a contemporary take on the brewery concept. This new addition to the community cleverly intertwines industrial inspiration with modern, clean aesthetics, creating an environment that offers patrons a brand-new way to enjoy their favorite beverages.

Stepping into Local Time, guests are greeted by a bright, open floor plan to encourage socialization and community. The use of sheet metal cladding, concrete floors, subway tile and stainless-steel tanks is perfectly balanced by oak paneling, adding a touch of natural familiarity to the largely industrial feel of the space. The incorporation of large glass windows between the bar and brewery not only invites natural light, but also offers a view into the brewing process, connecting the customer experience directly with the craft of beer making.

One particularly unique aspect of the Local Time project is the architectural innovation that was required to complete it. Faced with the challenge of supporting heavy beer tanks in a space located directly above a parking garage, the West Workshop team, in collaboration with the client and a structural engineer, developed a solution that was both practical and cost-effective. This creative approach ensured the seamless integration of the tanks, maintaining the integrity and safety of the existing structure.


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Name: Local Time Brewery
Location: Holly Springs, North Carolina
Status: Built 2023
Design Team: West Workshop, Maple Engineering and Red Engineering 
Images: Kurt West



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