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CoWork Cafe

CoWork Cafe is an existing 300 sf retail storefront in Arlington, Virginia. The owner acquired an adjacent 2,500 sf space, with the intent to transform the space into a daytime dining area and nighttime bar/lounge. Boccato teamed up with our client CoWork Cafe, a unique co-working startup, who will occupy the space during the day.

We were tasked with designing a space that takes into consideration the challenging programmatic needs of two distinct business models, namely: 1.) How to separate the retail customers (high volume, short-term users) from the co-working users (long-term users with laptops and a need for privacy) during the daytime hours; 2.) How to effectively transform the space to easily accommodate diverse revenue streams (ex. Nighttime lounge, sporting event, business conference, art show).

Name: CoWork Cafe
Location: Arlington, Va.
Status: Design, 2012
Team: Kurt West & Rebecca Bostick (Architect of Record)
Images: West Workshop

Email: office@westworkshop.com
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