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Greenway Modular

Rather than replicate the most common approaches to home additions in Northern Virginia – Pop-Up, Hunchback, Straight Back and Tear Down – we designed a proposed solution that actually stay true to the scale and context of the existing structure. Greenway Modular proposes a prefabricated addition to an existing 1,250 sq ft Cape Cod home in Falls Church, Virginia.  Our strategy straddles the line between Straight Back and Detached while maintaining the existing home’s footprint and respecting the scale of the neighboring houses.

Manufactured off site, each module measures approximately 300 sf each. The first floor consists of a dining room and flexible space for office use and a guest bedroom. The second-floor module consists of a master bedroom suite, with a bathroom and custom, built-in storage. Other design features include galvanized steel details throughout, lap siding with mitered corners, multi-wall polycarbonate guard rails, a perforated operable shade system, and skylights capturing soft northern light.


Name: Greenway Modular
Location: Falls Church, Virginia
Status: Design, 2016
Team: Kurt West
Images: Kurt West & Christine Nguyen



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