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Hyattsville Bus Shelter

Twin Peaks is a 2-bay bus shelter consisting of 200 wood and steel framing studs. The standardized building material is assembled into panels that lean on each other to form both a wall and roof system. The project plans for a portion of the wood to be re-purposed from an adjacent construction site and other construction sites throughout greater Hyattsville, Maryland .

The 14’ tall structure will 1) protect riders from the elements while waiting for a bus; 2) provide a complete visual connection to approaching WMATA buses and other riders; 3) capture and amplify the process of arrival and departure for riders and passersby via the use of a novel building material assembly and bus shelter form; and 4) act as a memorable reference point along the Rhode Island Ave. corridor for decades to come .....”My house is one block from the Twin Peaks…”

In addition to establishing a new place-making landmark in the Gateway Arts District, the shelter will contain 2 benches for seating of up to 8 people. Solar-powered L.E.D. lighting will be located throughout the structure.

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Name: Hyattsville Bus Shelter
Location: Hyattsville, MD
Status: RFP Finalist, 2017
Team: Kurt West, Integral Engineering and Shape Design Welding
Images: West Workshop



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